Assistant Professor

Department of Religious Studies
Teikyo Loretto Heights University

Denver, Colorado, USA

Adjunct Professor
Regis University Denver, Colorado, USA 1995
Iliff School of Theology Denver, Colorado, USA 1994-1995
Center for Judaic Studies
Denver University
Denver, Colorado, USA 1990-1991
Department of Religious Studies
Department of Foreign Languages
Southwest Missouri State University
Springfield, Missouri, USA 1984-1989
Department of Continuing Education
Department of Language and Literature
Drury College
Springfield, Missouri, USA 1985-1989
Department of Religion
Birmingham-Southern College
Birmingham, Alabama, USA 1980-1984
Visiting Lecturer
Denver College and Institute of Jewish Studies Denver, Colorado, USA
Department of Education
St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church
Springfield, Missouri, USA
Department of Education
First and Calvary Presbyterian Church
Springfield, Missouri, USA
Department of Education
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Springfield, Missouri, USA
Department of Education
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Department of Education
Independent Presbyterian Church
Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Jewish Chautauqua Society  

Courses Taught (Partial list)

Ideology and Culture: Racism and Sexism An introduction to the concepts of Racism and Sexism as practiced in American culture. Parallel practices in Japan also considered. Site visits to various ethnic groups in local area.
Contemporary Religious Ethics: Judaism and Christianity An introduction and representative survey of contemporary religious ethical thought in Judaism and Christianity. Covers such topics as Medical Ethics; Sexual attitudes; Ecology; Business Ethics.
World Religions A survey of the major religious traditions in the world community: American Indian, African, Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese Philosophies, Sikhism, Shintoism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha'i.
Shintoism and Japanese Traditions A consideration of Shinto from its earliest formation to its interaction with Buddhism, Religious Taoism, Confucianism and Folk Religion. Covers early, Tokugawa, Meiji, and modern periods.
Messianic Expectations in Judaism An exploration of the idea of the Messiah in Judaism from Biblical days onward, with a concentration on the period of the Rabbinic and Middle Ages and early modern period.
Judaism A general introduction to Jewish history, Jewish life and thought, Jewish festivals and practices.
Religion in America The role of religion in America, its history from pre-Colonial times to the present day. The growth and change of religious life in America. Uses primary sources.
Heritage: Civilization and The Jews A course based on the award-winning series sponsored by the Public Broadcasting System, narrated by Abba Eban. Lectures, primary sources and the PBS videotapes.
Israel: Hopes, Dreams and Fears A review of Zionist history; Israel's economy; Arab-Israeli conflict; geography; the political system; and possibilities for peace in the future.
Jewish Bible An introduction to the history, literature and people of the Jewish Bible. Includes sections on geography, comparative literature; law.
The Biblical Prophets Major emphasis on the classical period. Places them within historical context and introduces their thought and literary contribution. Considers how Judaism and Christianity deal with these prophets.
Genesis: An Introduction An introduction to Genesis; comparison with Babylonian Creation and Flood Epics. Consideration of Genesis as literature; uses of Genesis in the Christian Scriptures; Genesis on film.
Biblical Hebrew A two year course in Biblical Hebrew concentrating on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
Western Intellectual and Literary Traditions A year's introduction to classic writings in literature and philosophy from the ancient world to modern times. Utilizes primary sources.
Asian Religions A survey of the philosophies, historical development and spread of Buddhism (primarily Mahayana and Theravada); and Chinese Religions/Philosophies, primarily Taoism and Confucianism. Also features sections on Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism.
Modern Jewish History and Philosophy An introduction into Judaism since the Seventeenth century. Major events and a consideration of the philosophies of Rosenzweig, Buber, Kaplan, Heschel; Zionism; and modern Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstructionist and Reform thought.
Jewish Life in Modern America This study is a survey of the American Jewish community in the late 20th century. It covers demographics, religious practices, community concerns, and reviews some of the major issues facing Jews today. The course includes visits to local synagogues and community organizations.
Women in The Bible: Role Models and Heroines Many of the women in the Bible were extremely powerful, resourceful, and wise. Often they played a key role in determining and shaping the future of the people Israel. This course seeks to recover their voices, to read not only the text, but to read between the lines, to understand their pivotal role in history.
Western World Faiths An overview of the Western world's major religious traditions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It considers their history and some major qualities and philosophies. Course included a tour some of the local places of worship of these faiths.

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